Hey You, welcome to the community. A peer-to-peer support group that'll transform you from Couch to being Free, Fit and F-Fabulous (C2FFFF). It's a holistic approach to making healthy a habit and living a badass life. Get tucked in straight away by ADDING A VIDEO (Please record in landscape mode) or posting a QUICK UPDATE for the community to cheer you on. Please help to motivate others to stay on track too! The aim is to start with as little as ten minutes a day walking, or straight into the walk-run habit forming 30-day challenge. We are all on the same journey, nonetheless, with the same fears, hopes and dreams. Here we come together as one, however, with one aim in mind - to be badass.


Day XXX: Say your name and what day you're on. Post two short vids (or quick updates), the first one stating how you feel, and the second saying what was challenging and what was awesome. Feel free to mention too how much closer you are to your goals.

POC: Post 30-day challenge vids or updates

PRC: Pre 30-day walks those not quite ready


Power Food - Put the funk back into your healthy

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Ingrid's own 30-day transformation in action

Growth Mindset in the Making. Using growth mindset to change your lifestyle.
I need to get my power back - An intruder in my home.
Day 25 - My 30-day morning run challenge
Day 21 - My 30-day morning run challenge
Day 30 - THE FINAL DAY of my 30-day morning run challenge
Day 29 - My 30-day morning run callenge
Day 28 - My 30 day morning run challenge
Day 27 - My 30-day morning run challenge

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